Win 4 Autism
Caring is for Everyone!

About Win 4 Autism

Win4Autism and Win4Autism.Org was founded by Brennon and Preston Staggs with the help of our many corporate sponsors. Win4Autism is a non-profit organization with goals of helping families and those afflicted with Autism with education through private funding.

Our Mission Statement: To provide educational life solutions which excel in excellence and integrity while providing exceptional services to those affected with Autism. Through educational therapy services via technology, learning items, learning software, and addressing other needs, we will help those affected with Autism. Predominantly providing education to those deficient of the necessities to become higher functioning. All while living out a positive conscientious relationship in the communities we are privileged to serve while working progressively toward the future.

As a private charity Win4Autism does not publicly solicit funds or publicly solicit for donations at any time.

Our Team

Preston Staggs

CEO, Board of Directors

Kevin Browne

COO, Board of Directors

Brennon Staggs

President, Board of Directors

Dani Bose.

Media Coordinator & Donor Relations